Some pics from the Wedding

Honest I've been on the coke all night! Vics boogieing with Junior thumbs/W14_tn.JPG thumbs/W15_tn.JPG
thumbs/W16_tn.JPG thumbs/W17_tn.JPG Los Ingles Not camera shy our Joshie!
Taff and Reggie burn up the dance floor Joshie having fun Just found out Real Madrid have lost the match 2:0 to Barcalona Nick after using olive oil to shine his head
thumbs/W23_tn.JPG Nick makes his move on an unassuming Reggie thumbs/W25_tn.JPG thumbs/W26_tn.JPG
thumbs/W27_tn.JPG Stevo looking smooth thumbs/W29_tn.JPG He's back and Jane's the latest victim
thumbs/W30_tn.JPG thumbs/W31_tn.JPG Theo uses sign language to attract the waiter Joshie looking much smarter than the groom
Stag night at the only place we can find thats open Wozza peaks to early and is left wanting ... I thank god the speech is over! Luce looking likes she's up to no good
thumbs/W4_tn.JPG Teapot impersonator spotted at wedding thumbs/W6_tn.JPG Tired or wasted ... you decide
thumbs/W8_tn.JPG Vics makes Josh go mad! Some drunken lasses! Some snaps Luce hiding in the backgroud!
The girls dancing Tere back a grab! Steve looks blank when I mention his speech?!! The girls before they leave
Teresa makes a grab for the sword! More sword action