Following in Grandad's footsteps with a Taste of Footballing Glory

2nd June 2001

We're off on holiday to Centre Parcs so I enrol Josh in an FA approved two day footballing course. At the end of the second day the kids (aged between 5 and 12) have a penalty competition against five of us Dad's. Only condition being you can't take one against your own Dad and embarass him!

Round One - The Dad's are on top here - ten penalties taken all saved. Josh is the last up and has a chance to make his mark ...

 Hes missed it! The pressure get's to him - it's a miss

Round Two - This time a little better for the kids - 10 taken and 3 have scored, up steps Junior again for a place in the Final ...

Fires right an its in

The Final - The First three have all failed to score Joshie has a chance for Glory!

Goes right again and its in   Celebration  His team are happy

Exibition Time - The beaten Goalkeeper has a chance to redeem himself as Josh takes one last penalty ...

This time he goes left ...  and punishes the Keeper More celebrations Junior proves it's no fluke ...

Medal time:

 Steps up for his medal - Nice one Son! Looking a bit embarassed !

Final Score: 

Name  Penalties taken Scored
Others              23 3
Josh 4 3