Isabel Lucia Kimpton:

Date of Birth: 13 January 2003


Mannerisms and eventually quotes from the Nipper!

29th September 2013 Daddy why can't you see pain and then I could show you how much my thumb hurts ( She shut it in a draw after getting me a plaster for a cut arm!)


17th September 2013 - I complained to Isabel saying my legs hurt because of doing some  gardening she said no its because you're getting old dad!


27th August 2013 Email exchange with Isabel:

2:28pm (Isabel) What time are you coming home?

2:33pm (Dad) Soon baby x

2.34pm How long is that?

2:36pm 20 mins why baby?

2:37pm I can’t tell you anymore than this word, Mummy


From: Isabel Sent: 14 August 2013 08:26
To: Robert Kimpton
Subject: Amur Leopards staging a recovery in numbers

Your right that is good news but there is still hardly any of them but there could be hope you know! Love from Isabel, The rabbits, The fish and the Amur leopards and dolphins we look after! By the way in the pack will it tell me the name of the leopard I adopted?

Robert Kimpton wrote: I’m not sure princess.


Did you know yesterday was International Left-Handers Day!


A few famous left-handers: Barack Obama, Sir Isaac Newton, Prince William of England,  Marilyn Monroe


Isabel Sent: 14 August 2013 09:59
To: Robert Kimpton

Yeah but someone else needs to be added to the famous list Isabel Kimpton okay!


Aug 13, 2013 at 4:24 PM, Isabel  wrote:

Daddy we have to adopt an Amur Leopard they are critically endangered and there are only 35 left in the world! Please! "She said hopefully"



Sent: 18 May 2013 18:30 Robert Kimpton  Wrote: Think I’m going to Liverpool next week – only for the day though


Isabel Kimpton To: Robert Kimpton
Subject: Re: Thursday

Ok if it's only for 1 day I will allow it but, if your boss makes it any longer than 3 days I will be having a little chat with him..............



From: Isabel Kimpton
Sent: 13 March 2013 21:22
To: Robert Kimpton
Subject: Games

Hi daddy because I have bought two games, temple run oz and fruit ninja full version one of them costed £1.99 and the other 69p because I feel bad at not telling you and everything you can take the money out of my purse the golden one with sequins on and you can get the money from there Lots of love Isa xxx :)

Isabel Kimpton  Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 02:01 PM
To: Robert Kimpton
Subject: Rosetta Stone

Daddy what level are you on in Rosetta Stone (a Spanish course) I am on lesson 3 grammar and I am doing more now

19 Feb 2013, at 15:12, Robert Kimpton

You are beating me princess I'm on level 1. I will try to catchup at the weekend. Waddyxxxx


19 Feb 2013, at 15:22, Robert Kimpton

I will study too because I'm going to beat you. Wooooo go daddy go waddy ... Etc

Have you fed the fish and wabbits?

From: Isabel Kimpton
Sent: 19 February 2013 15:26
To: Robert Kimpton
Subject: Re: Rosetta Stone

Yes I have and just so you know they are on team ISA go ISA go ISA I could do this all day and just so you know we are all capable of hurting scratching biting only one of us can scream and the fish are capable of staring you in the eye until you admit defeat


21st January 2013 - Isabel's Animal Letter

Dad - She wrote this today for no reason - I didn’t ask her to. I would
say she could end up another Jane but she likes her bacon and sausages
too much!

Isabel  .... by the way you need to scroll down because there is a message at the bottom

This is to all of the poachers and other horrible people out there. Why do you want to kill animals and spoil the planet? Nearly everyone is against you but you just won't listen. How would you like it if the animals harmed you like you harm them or if the trees cut you like you cut them, you wouldn't like it at all so how do you think they feel! The planet is getting worse and worse. Do you really think it will be able to take it much longer! ,you also seem to have forgotten that you are animals to so just because your different doesn't give you the right to kill them!

It's horrible to even think of the number of animals you kill in just 1 year .Give me 10 reasons why you kill animals and I bet either you can't think of reasons that are good enough or you can't think of 10 am I right? (I bet I am!) You are horrible people who need to think twice before harming anything and say to yourself instead of killing these lovely creatures for their fur,skin or tusks I should be saving them! That goes for all of you poachers, or as I like to call you planet killers.




i couldn't do the pictures on the computer but i can always show them to you


On 21 Jan 2013, at 15:45, ALAN DAVIES

 Interesting that Isabel doesn't make any reference to killing for
food. Is she making a deliberate differentiation ; or perhaps you
should spell out where sausages and bacon come from.


The reason I didn't write about that is because they let the animals
give birth before they kill them so that the species doesn't become

Isa xx :)



2nd January 2013 - Dad - I was thinking instead of a kids playhouse – a proper summerhouse which you wont grow out of. What do you think?


Isabel - I have got one word for you 10 letters and four syllables DEFINETELY!!!!!!!!!

Isa xx :)


16th December 2012 - A poem sent to Grandad.

This poem will be the best ever
But it won't be about flowers and certainly not feathers
It will be about Christmas but not one to throw in the hearth
Christmas first started at Jesus' birth
But I won't talk about that I will talk about the Christmas celebration
It is a traddition spread all over the nation
Everyone goes rushing to the shops
But this is not the time of year that you need to buy mops
They go to buy trees, baubles and other decorations
No homework about boring alliterations
It is time that you say to your school friends goodbyes
And fill up your bellies with yummy mince pies
The parents celebrate because the presents well they don't have to pay
they leave it to Santa to deliver in his sleigh
Now I cannot write more about Christmas day but lets give three cheers for Santa hooray! hooray! hooray!

The End!
By Isabel Kimpton



2nd November 2012 - Climbing up Mount Vesuvius was probably the most exercise I have ever done in my whole entire life. (probably)

31st August 2012 - I bought her two toys with Alpaca fur ... aww thats so cute daddy you know alpaca and alpaco (the toys names) when they shaved the llamas did they kill them or were they still alive and their fur grew back


4th August 2012 – Watching the men’s 10,000m final and Isabel says ‘That’s amazing, how can they run 25 times round the track without stopping’!


28th May 2012 – Isabel and her friend Leya are eating icecream and her friend drops hers on the floor. Isabel says  “I could’ve put money on that”

22 April 2012 – Teresa is playing me a recording of Isabel reading in Spanish and saying how good she is. Isabel says ‘I am Spanish you know mum’

22 April 2012 – Having got two goldfish for Isabel the previous day, She is concerned that the fish has a piece of string tired to him – I point out that’s he’s just having a poo!

21 April 2012 – Isabel says ‘There are six letters in Daddy’s name , six in mine and four in Josh’ I say no It’s Joshua and she says that’s actually seven  J OS H U A R!

9th April 2012 – (Isabel is in Spain) Daddy I won a real fish in a tombola and Mummy said in England we can buy one – I made Mummy sign a paper so she can’t change her mind

20-Mar-2012 Talking about an Eastenders storyline and I say you know it’s pretend, and she says I know but I take these things very seriously.

14-Mar-2012 I ask Isabel when was Josh born, its 2012 so take away 18. After a few guesses she gets it right 1994. I say how did you figure that out and she says, I asked Josh.

12-Mar-2012 Looking at photos of the Dalai lama .. Are you Buddhist daddy.  Not really I reply, she says I'm nothing. I reply but the Spanish side of you family are catholic. Isa says yeah you can't eat meat on Friday, but one day I caught Abuela eating meat and she said it doesn't matter until the bells ring in the church

8-Mar-2012 “Mummy shouts at me and if she did that at school she'd get sacked .. Well you told me daddy”

28th February 2012 – I ask Isabel how much she likes Mabel (a horse she’d ridden previously which had given her problems) – well if Mabel was a flower I’d like her one petal

21-Nov-2010 (Email from Granddad)

Rob, Try this on Isabel! GCSE marks are now supposed to take account of grammar.  At the end of every Tesco advert on TV, we are greeted with ''Every Little Helps''

Why would Tesco fail their GCSE ?!

Answer -  She got it straight away “They've  all  got capital letters only the first word should have one”

20-nov-2010 I'm looking at a piece of plastic and Isabel says 'that’s see through' and I say 'It is, but opaque is a better way to describe it, (then I spell opaque for her). She replies 'actually transparent

Is a better word to describe it. Opaque means you can't see through it. You should be ashamed Daddy'

5 June 2010 – Apparently I not much of a disciplinarian – Isabel calls me Mr Softie!

28th August 2009 - Dad, Why isn't why spelt 'Y'?

22 June 2009 - Teresa tells Isabel that the girls at her school took a limousine to get to the Prom night. Isabel asks what a limousine is and Teresa says it a very big and long car. To which Isabel replies 'Oh you mean a Limo'!

19 June 2009 - Isabel is asking me can I go in the trampoline? and I say to her why do you ask me? When have you ever asked me to go in the trampoline? and she said never, I was just trying to be polite

2 August 2009 - Teresa tells me she's been reading an Agatha Christie novel and Isabel says it's not Agatha Christie it's Agatha Crispy

9th February 2009 - Isabel and Josh are playing hide and seek, and Isabel can't find him. She puts on a deep voice and says 'come on piglet, come downstairs' pretending to be me!

14 Sep 2008 - We're driving in the country and spot some cows in a field. I say to Bel would you like to stop and chase them and she says 'No they might throw their milk at us.

19 August 2008 - Isabel now calls Josh sausage

19 August 2008 - The tv isn't working and Isabel says 'I think it doesn't have enough electric-city'

31-July-2008 Asking what Bel had for lunch (while she's in Spain) and she says 'Crabs - they were moving Dad, but they aren't now because Nanny cooked them'

25th July 2008 - Isabel says ' Why do they call it plastic surgery? What's the plastic for?'

23rd July 2008 - Isabel's first tooth fell out - well actually she pulled it out with her hairband


8 July 2008 - Isabel 'Some people in my school say naughty words', like what I ask, 'sometimes they say oh my god!'


2 July 2008 – Courtesy Teresa - Isabel told me yesterday that Annie wanted her badge of Gabriella, and I told her you don't have to give it to her, because she is your favourite and you like it very much, tell her to tell her mum to get her the magazine, and she said to me. I sorted it, I told her to try to break something like a leg or an arm, and then, go to the sweety shop with your cast and the woman will give you a magazine of High school musical with a sweat band and the badges!!!


17th June 2008 – Where does the water come from in the tap?


17th June 2008 – After getting off the phone – ‘That was a good chat with Grandad. Normally I don't like it ...’


7th June 2008 - Isabel 'Dad can you tell Mummy to leave the tele (on)' You tell her I say. Isabel replies 'come on Dad please, please ... it's only a little word


6 June 2008 – Courtesy Teresa - I am doing some spelling with Isabel and I was in a rush to go to somewhere and I was almost telling her the answers and then, she stops and tell me: mum , you are telling me the answers and I have got a brain you know? it may be little but still is a brain


31 May 2008 – ‘Dad I want to wear my Chilli dress’ – (Cheerleader!)


17 March 2008 – Courtesy Teresa - Do you know that this morning Isabel was teasing me as well. I gave her the money for her juice and I put it in her coat and then, in the school, her friend Leya was asking her mum for the money, and then, she tells me, you haven't given me the money, have you? and I said yes, I put it in your pocket and then, she said, oh where it is then, is it in this pocket? I my hands in her pocket and she hasn't got any money, and I said what have you done with the money? She says nothing mummy, maybe is in the other pocket, but it wasn’t. So, I started to think that I put it in the other coat. Then, as I’m going to give her another 40p and says or look it is here. It was in this pocket, but it wasn't in that pocket she had them hidden in her hands, the little swine.


3 March 2008 – Courtesy Teresa - This morning i am doing the letters with Isa, so I tell her what is this word: Jump and she reads it, and then, I put jumping, and I say and this one and she says: jump pig!


7 Feb 2008 – When Isabel talks about killing something she says ‘Mat’.. as in ‘Mat it’ Which seems a cross between Smack in English and Matar (kill) in Spanish


19 January 2008 – Teresa is teaching Isabel how to read the word sit. Isabel says ‘sssss iiiii tttttt, t-t-turkey’


14 January 2008 - Isabel jumps out on me from behind a door and we both jump. She says to me 'my heart nearly popped out of my mouth ... what happens if a heart comes out?'


13th December 2007 - Bel is at her friend Kiara's and I say I hope you were polite and always say pardon (instead of 'What!') she replies … eh?

10th December 2007 - Looking at things she wants for Christmas she says 'I asked Father Christmas for this, but you have to buy it'


13th October 2007 - Isabel is watching a film and Teresa asks her what it's called - 'King Prawn' she replies! (King Kong)


01 Oct 2007  - Her first written sentence - 'The cat sat on the mat'


19 Sep 2007 - I'm reading with Isabel and she gets stuck on a word. She says to me 'Can you make the shape of the word with your mouth'


10 August 2007 -  Isabel picks up some coins and says to him ‘If you want some of these you have to give me some of those’ – pointing at the sweets he is holding


05 Aug 2007 - In order to judge how far away certain events are Bel always says 'How many sleeps is it?'


02 Aug 2007 – Mummy read the book the ugly duck and the red girl


04 April 2007 – I say to Bel we're going to see Longleat and they have a tiger that is white with black stripes and she says is it a zebra tiger?


23 November 2006 - I ask Isabel if she likes me taking her swimming and she replies 'When Josh is older he's going to take me swimming'


14th November 2006 Isabel 'swims' on her own without armbands etc and she says 'My brother will be really pleased with me'


4th November 2006 - I'm playing with Isabel and making her laugh and she says stop Dad or I'll wet myself.


10 October 2006 - Isabel's tells her first joke. Knock, knock ... who's there? ... Orange ... Orange who? ... Knock, knock ... who's there? ... Orange .... Orange who? ... Knock, knock ... who's there? ... Banana ... Banana who? ... Bet you're glad it's not orange again!


29 Sept 2006 -  'What are angels Mummy'? Mum, 'They look after you and are very kind' - Isabel 'My teachers must be angels then'

 8 Aug 2006 - Looking up at a clear blue sky and Isabel spots an aeroplane with a vapour trail behind it and says 'Look Daddy the plane is scratching the sky'

14 June 2006 -  Isabel jumps off a tree into my arms and I say 'You're crazy, you're not scared are you?' and she says 'Yeah I'm crazy like Auntie Lucy'

1 May 2006 -  Since Isabel was a baby anytime she finishes her milk she throws the bottle on the floor.

19 April 2006 -  Clearly pleased to be back home after three weeks in Spain Isabel keeps saying 'This is my house, this is my house'

16 April 2006 -  We're in Spain and I ask Isabel Has Jackie (the dog) been a good boy. She says ' No Dad he's a dog!'

5 April 2006 -  Isabel wakes up crying and Teresa says what's the matter. I feel off the train she replies - it's the first time she's told us what one of her dreams were.

20 March 2006 -  Playing a game with Isabel and she wants another turn so I say 'One more ok?' She replys 'No, one , one, one, one, one, one more!'

10 February 2006 -  We're in the car and I shout at this old chap 'Come on Grandad'. Isabel says 'don't talk to my Grandad like that'

5 December 2005 -  Isabel is in the back of the car wiping one of the windows with her hat. When she finishes she says 'Spotless Clean'

17 November 2005 -  Teresa is getting something out of the car and Isabel closes the front door locking her out. After a few minutes of panic with Teresa asking Isabel to find the keys, Isabel goes and gets her little chair which she then stands on to open the door. A few months back she did the same and Teresa had to call a locksmith!

9 November 2005 -  It's Isabel's first day of Playschool and she says to Teresa 'I don't want to go, I don't like it'. Teresa says 'Daddy wants you to go' and Isabel replies that she doesn't like Daddy either! Once she gets there she decides that she doesn't like it so will only speak in Spanish!

4 November 2005 -  Josh comes home covered in mud after playing football and Isabel says to him you dirty, dirty monkey

2 November 2005 -  After looking at our wedding photo Isabel says ' Mumma is a princessa and Daddy is Guapo (handsome). Which is nice but her tone was one of surprise!

2 November 2005 -  I get back from work and I say to Isabel (who has been unwell) are you feeling better. She says 'Yes, but I have a cough in my mouth'

1 November 2005 -  Isabel is unwell and I say shall Daddy stay with you today and not go to work? she says 'No Daddy go to work to get money for my presents!'

22 October 2005 -  Isabel is at the Circus with Teresa and Josh watching the Trapeze act and she says 'Careful Spiderman you might fall'. Also after each act finishes she claps furiously and shouts 'Bravo, Bravo!'

20 October 2005 -  We're looking through a catalogue for Christmas presents and turn to a page of toys and Isabel points at each toy in turn and says 'I want that one, that one, that one ...'

19 October 2005 -  At the Honda garage to trade in our Car and Isabel says in front of the salesman 'The car's broken isn't it Mummy' and it sure was!
13 October 2005 -  I say to Josh 'come on piglet' then a little voice behind me says 'Yeah come on piglet!'

10 October 2005 -  I've bought Isabel a doll and horse toy and when I give it to her she says 'I told you I'd get the doll and Horsy!'

5 September 2005 -  On the Phone to Grandad and Isabel says to me ' That's not Reggie it's Grandad' (Her toy Monkey is also called Reggie!)

4 September 2005 -  'Come on Boys' -  To me and Teresa!

1 September 2005 - (Courtesy Teresa) I saw a monkey in the newspaper and I pointed at it and asked Isabel what it was and she said: papa.

2 August 2005 - (Courtesy Teresa) I told Isabel this morning that she was going to have lasagna for lunch, and after breakfast she was telling me, mama quiero comer arañas (I want to eat spiders), and I was thinking where does she get that from, until I realised that she meant lasagna.

27 July 2005 - This morning Isabel did  a little wee-wee on the stairs, and I shouted at her and said why did you do that for? and she put her hand up and she told me tranquila, tranquila mama no pasa nada! (Relax Mummy its nothing to worry about)

2 July 2005 -(Courtesy Teresa) look at your daughter, unbelievable. I put her to sleep without nappies, because I didn't have any and I said to her, Isabel you have to get up and do a wee-wee in the potty because you haven't got nappies and you don't want
to get wet and she has just woken up telling me that she wanted to do a wee wee and she has made a massive wee wee, so she has hold it all the time and she went to bed with a bottle of milk.

20 June 2005 - Its very noticeable now how Isabel will speak to her Mum in Spanish and me in English. For example we're walking down the street and she says Papa hand and then turns to her Mum and says Mumma mano. Another one is when I'm showing her a spider in the garden and she goes to her Mum and says mira un arana (look a spider) 

6 June 2005 - Isabel does a pee in the potty and Teresa says Muy Bien (very good) and Isabel replies da nada (your welcome) 

7 May 2005 - I'm Changing Isabel and I say Pantalones (trousers)? and she says no estoy guapa (No I'm beautiful)

2 May 2005 - We walk out of Luton airport after a trip to Spain and Isabel's first words are 'Que frio!' (It's Cold)

25 April 2005 - While in Spain for six weeks Isabel has picked up some new words from her little friends. 'Tonto' (silly) and 'Cara huevo' (egg face)

3 March 2005 - Isabel's when she wants another turn says 'One more' and if you say no she'll say 'Una Mas!'

17 February 2005 - 'Mama gone upa stairs'

30 January 2005 - Isabel's is explaining something to me: 'No caca, casa!'

3 January 2005 - Isabel's favourite phrase 'Oh Dear'. She also used her potty for the first time today. 

3 December 2004 - Isabel shows her language skills when she says to Mummy - "Mama come with me, Ven" (Ven spanish for  come here)

11 October 2004 - Isabel used her potty today for the first time. She's also learnt to say 'No more!'. She's also learning the noises animals make - eg Teresa asks her what does the Cat say (in Spanish) and shes says 'Meouw'

9 September 2004 - I'd bought Steve a necklace for his birthday which Isabel loved so she kept trying it on. I then wrap it up and put it on the side. I come back five minutes later and she's wearing the chain again! She'd ripped open the wrapping paper!

1 September 2004 - Isabel said her first sentance - Mas Agua (more water)

2 July 2004 - Isa managed to climb out of her cot today for the first time - wallop! She wasn't happy!!

1 July 2004 - You can tell we've been watching a lot of football as Isabel's new word is Goal!

24 June 2004 - Isabel will now give you a kiss if your lucky - you can say a kiss or un beso. She also says ta , bye bye and today sneezed and said bless you. Josh is the favourite followed by Mum then Dad last!

4 June 2004 - After 6 weeks in Spain Isabel has picked up lots of new words - agua (actually she pronounces it agba), mas (more) , no (which is a pain!!). She also nods her head for yes. She's added to her dancing now and spins round and round.

4 April 2004 - Not saying that Teresa spends a lot of time on the phone but today Isabel is playing with her toy phone and she keeps putting it to her ear and saying 'Hola, blar, blar blar'

20 March 2004 - Bel has just taken some largish stones from a plant pot (we put them in there to stop her eating the dirt!) when she falls over. Josh starts laughing so she gets up and throws the stones at him. New words lately are hola, ada(adios) and there.

5 March 2004 - If any music comes on the TV or Radio now, Isabel drops everything and starts dancing. Not just bouncing up and down but moving her hips from side to side - the Spanish coming out in her no doubt!

5 February 2004 - Isabel took her first few steps today. Mum was upstairs but when she came down Isabel was on a roll and did it a couple of times more.

28 January 2004 - Isabel Can now climb to the top of the stairs. She has also learnt some new Spanish words - caca (poo) and vaya (come on) 

11 January 2004 - If the baby hears some music she likes, she now starts bouncing up and down or twisting her body from side to side. Also, if she wants to get your attention she'll stick her arm out straight with her wrist bent as if she wants you to kiss her hand.

14 December 2003 - Isabel (or Jaws as she is now known) finally managed to get her teeth into Josh - literally! She left him with a big bite mark on his cheek!

11 December 2003 - The baby's new favourite thing is to search all the bins in the house looking for food that we've thrown away.

4 December 2003 - Bel is now able to stand up unsupported for a few seconds before the inevitable crash to the floor!

1 December 2003 - After a bit of coaching Isabel can now say Nan.

22 November 2003 - Josh is sitting on the floor with Isabel in front of him when for some reason she starts crying. She seems to think it's Josh's fault and spins round and tries to bite him.

20 November 2003 - New word - Caca (Poo Poo in Spanish) 

11 November 2003 - The baby stood up for the first time today - using the sofa to cling onto. 

31 October 2003 - We all get fancy dress costumes for Halloween and myself (Skeleton - it was a costume honest!) and Josh (Frankenstein) come downstairs first and see the baby. She's a bit upset but soon gets used to us. Half an hour later Teresa appears dressed as a Witch and the baby starts crying and is inconsolable for ages. In the end we all have to go and change.

28 October 2003 - Isabel is just about crawling now although it seems to involve dragging one leg behind her. 

28 October 2003 - It's 6.30am and myself and Teresa are listening to the baby in the cot next door talking to herself but we leave her there for a few minutes instead of going to pick her up. After a couple of minutes the little one shouts at the top of her voice 'Dad'.

25 September 2003 - Isabel Says 'Josh' (or maybe Dosh?!) for the first time.

12 September 2003 - Clapping her hands and blowing raspberries on your belly are her latest tricks. She also screamed this morning after I picked her up when she was sitting on Joshie's lap.  

1 September 2003 - I'm tapping my hand on the table and repeatedly saying to Isabel one, one etc. Then I stop and she taps the table once. We repeat the exercise for two and then three and in each case she copies the right number of taps.

29 August 2003 - (Bi-Lingual?) Bel can now say Dad as well as Papa

21 August 2003 - (Keeping up the family tradition) I'm holding her upright and trying to teach her to walk when she stands up on her toes. Just like Dad and Grandad her toes go CRACK! She's double jointed too.

18 August 2003 - I'm coughing and Bel is watching me, as soon as I stop she coughs too. I then pretend to cough two or three times more and she copies me each time!!

15 August 2003 - Back from Spain and Isabel has her first two teeth coming through. She now has a vocubulary of three words - Mamma, Papa and ajo (Garlic?!). She will say Mamma and Papa in her normal voice but also strangely in a deep husky monster type voice too! MMAAAAMMAAA ....

19 June 2003 - Bel is now starting to hold her milk bottle and feed herself - result!!

15 June 2003 - Bel says 'Papa' (more like baba) on Father's Day

4 May 2003 - Bel Had her first 'solids' today although most ended up on her bib

2 May 2003 - Isabel has now discovered that making little noises (other than crying!) will make the rest of the family come running. For example if you play with her for a bit and then walk off,  she'll make these little noises which mean come back and make me laugh!

26 March 2003 - Isabels current favourite things are staring at the lights on the ceiling, watching her mobile in the cot, staring at her brother and watching my hand moving from side to side above her head. All of which seem to get a smile from her.

15th March 2003 - Josh is feeding Isabel for the first time and I go to check on them and find her sitting and his lap and them both just staring at each other.